• Blazing fast

    High performance local development environment. Check out the benchmark results!

    "I've found Laragon has enough features to keep me happy and help me work more effectively, but most important to me it’s incredibly fast. I can do so much more, in so much less time." - Athlone Harris-Compton

  • Pretty URLs

    Work with your "app" using this nice, short, beautiful url:

    instead of http://localhost/app

    more info...

  • Easy & Flexible

    Laragon is easy to install, easy to use, easy to extend & easy to operate.
    Laragon makes things a lot easier:
    - Wanna have a Wordpress CMS? Just 1 click.
    - Wanna show your local project to customers? Just 1 click.
    - Wanna enable/disable a PHP extension? Just 1 click.

  • Modern & Powerful

    Laragon is isolated & portable. It is well-known in the PHP Community but also is used for MEAN, Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask, Java, Go.

    Wanna try Rails? - Check out "Build a Blog with Ruby on Rails & Laragon"
    Wanna use Java 9? - Check out "[Tutorial] How to add Java 9 to Laragon (the portable way)"

Laragon works out of the box with not only MySQL/MariaDB but also PostgreSQL & MongoDB. With Laragon, they are portable & reliable so you can focus on what matters:

building great things!

Laragon is extremely easy to use. With Laragon, you can make a program to send mail to the Internet just 1 line of code:
mail('to@email.com', 'Email Subject', 'Email Message');
The code is written in PHP - Then, just configure Laragon’s Mail Sender to route emails to the Internet without worrying about being marked as Spam.