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Nasrul Hazim

Software Engineer, Laravel Trainer, IT Consultant and Blogger

Work experience


Software Engineer

Optimum Infosolutions (M) Sdn Bhd

Currently positioned at client side, Bank Negara Malaysia, working on Open API development.



MMB Niaga Sdn Bhd

In MMB Niaga Sdn Bhd, we are a software house, focusing on developing HumanResource Information System(HRMIS) as Software as a Service(SaaS), called SumberManusia.

I'm managing the direction of the development of the SumberManusia, officially launch on September 2017. 



Cleanique Coders Resources

Cleanique Coders Resources, is a business focusing on software development, solving developers problems. Cleanique Coders also expanding it’s expertise on software developments skills training courses for wide range – either from education, private or public sectors. Cleanique Coders also provide personal coaching and group coaching.

  1. Bootstrap Framework Full Course
  2. Web Development with PHp & MySQL (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)
  3. Web Development with Laravel (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced)
  4. Mobile Apps Development with Ionic Framework
  5. API Development with Laravel Framework
  6. Software Development with Git
  7. Project Management with Git Platform

We also doing migration and integration of applications with the third party library or custom library.

  1. Database Migration
  2. System integration via API to Legacy System
  3. Laravel Version Upgrade

Following are the some of the course has been conducted:

  1. Vialing Inc (formerly Barracuda Campus Sdn Bhd) - Web Development with Laravel Framework
  2. FTSM, UKM - 3 Tier Development with Laravel and Ionic Framework
  3. SUK Melaka - Web Development with Laravel(Basic)
  4. Unijaya Resources Sdn Bhd - Web Development with Laravel
  5. KUIS - Web Development with Laravel
  6. OneXOX - Web Development with PHP & MySQL(OOP)
  7. INTAN Kampus Wilayah Timur - Kursus Web Mobile Apps Development

Senior Solutions Specialist

Rocket Web Sdn Bhd

Main task to doing portal maintenance, provide solutions to clients need and giving trainings to Rocket Web clients-WordPress, Web Mobile Application Development.

  1. WordPress Theme & Plugins Development
  2. Mobile Apps Development (Hybrid)
  3. System Development with Laravel
  4. Trainer for WordPress & Mobile Apps Development

Trainer for WordPress & Mobile Apps Development Currently working on TEKUN portal and TEKUN Reporting Application


Senior PHP Programmer

Fairpark Corporation Sdn Bhd

As a programmer, to develop system based on project given.


Software Architect

Mapflex Solutions

Software Architect

As a software architect, I required to give solutions for various types of applications / system ( Non-GIS or GIS based) using Open Source Solutions.


  1. Agrobiodiversity Information System(AgrobIS) - an existing system to manage agrobiodiversity for MARDI. The system developed using Croogo(powered by CakePHP), Bootstrap, jQuery and MySQL.
  2. Seed Management Information System(SMIS) - a system converted from an offline system to an online system.
  3. KKM - Non-Communicable Disease Mapping Application - It generates demographic mapping to display the highest number of people by each NCD such as cancer,hypertension,obesity,etc. Besides that the application uses graphical charts to display the detail demographic information about each diseases. The system developed using PHP, Adodb5, jQuery and OpenLayers.
  4. MyFRIM Interactive Map – MyFRIM is an interactive mapping application for displaying all FRIM’s hotspots and all the forestry’s data collection which they have already collected on the ground. By using interactive map, tourist and also the local people will know more about what is the best about FRIM. This product will be launching by early 2013. The system developed using PHP, Adodb5, jQuery, Kendo UI and OpenLayers.
  5. City Council Web GIS – City Council Web GIS was developed for analysing and monitoring all the registered and unregistered shop / office owners. By using this application, city council can automatically detect which shop/office lot are did not paid the taxes, the license, etc. This application will make city council more easier in order to manage thousands of shop owners. Besides that, this application can do mapping analysis in order to get accurate statistic and it also increase the revenue collection from time to time. The system developed using PHP, Adodb5, jQuery, OpenLayers and PostGIS.

Senior Php Developer

Primus Core

Working in Primus Core, I've maintained existing system of the Primus Core clients. Tasks:

  1. Maintain Systems Maintain Systems documentations
  2. Provide solutions for finding route in MyRapid application


  1. Provide solutions for finding route in MyRapid application

Lead Application Developer

CompleteMR Sdn Bhd

I was promoted to Lead Application Developer in March 2011 and start effectively on April 2011.

My job scope is to provide architecture & solution for system needs, roreseen any circumstance to the change request or project development works, maintain procedure of the change request and supports and provide technical specifications documents.


  1. Provide assistance & support to staff on queries and training Design system architecture for project needs.
  2. Design system architecture for project needs

  3. RAID – Response, Analsze, Inform and Do

  4. Web Application Development

  5. Maintain IT Systems documentations

  6. Maintain Application documentations

  7. Maintain ISO documentations

  8. Ad-hoc tasks ( only upon request from Field Service )


  1. Survey Generator Architecture Design – able to communicate between servers and customisation based on clients demand. Using API approach

Application Developer

CompleteMR Sdn Bhd

Provide solutions to existing systems, enhancements. Involved in development & support queries.


  1. Provide support upon staff or clients queries
  2. Bug fixing in many of the existing systems-mainly Panel Management System & CompleteMR Platform
  3. Ad-hoc tasks(only upon request from Field Service)


  1. Optimisation of Sampling query-reduced time spent from 15-30 minutes Nasrul Hazim Mohamad 3 to less than 5 minutes
  2. Optimisation of Panel Management System load time using multiple sub- domains connection
  3. Rewarding module in Panel Management System
  4. Mailing system enhancements-capturing bounce emails(differentiate between soft bounced and hard bounced emails)
  5. Deployment of new client-Stokes Mischewski-for Panel ManagementSystem
  6. Rebrand of existing system Integrate to new system called CompleteMR Platform - a web application where Field Services create projects

Application Developer

i-Link Research Pty Ltd

Application Developer

Involved in early development of Panel Management System

  1. Profile module in Panel Management System
  2. Provide support upon staff or clients queries

Note: i-Link Research & CompleteMR are sister company.



Bachelor of Information Technology with Honors

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Development Fields

Following are area of development fields that I have involved.

  1. Online Market Research
  2. Human Resource
  3. Payroll
  4. Leave Management
  5. Accounting
  6. GIS

Development Environment

Operating System: MacOS
Virtualisation: Docker
Programming Languages: PHP7, SQL, Java, Python
Databases: MySQL / MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle
Frameworks: Laravel / Lumen, Bootstrap Framework, WordPress
Tools: Sublime Text 3, Sequel Pro, Beaver, Fork (Git Client), MySQL Workbench, iTerm