Training and coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a learner or client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.

Hence, I do provide coaching services that related to:

  1. Software Development Cycle Practices –
    • Working with Git
    • Working with Team
    • Project Management for Team Lead / Technical
  2. Web Application Development with Laravel
  3. API Development with Laravel
  4. PHP: Object-Oriented Programming, OOP
  5. Solid Principles in PHP

In order to get started, you may communicate me via Telegram or can e-mail me at nasrul[at] and do provide some basic information so that I can have quick understanding on your needs.

  1. About the Project – project is about HR system, or Attendance
  2. Project Goal – by x time, we want to accomplish the x, y and z feature.
  3. Timeline of the Project – 2 weeks, 2 months, etc.
  4. Milestones – you might have few milestones, to indicate the progress expected for the project.
  5. Resources Required for the Project – how many people working on the project? what are their skills and knowledges?
  6. Budget – it’s compulsory as for me to have a win-win situation based on your needs.

My development field experiences on following area:

  1. Custom system development
  2. Human Resource – Leave, Payroll, Employee Self-service
  3. Tender Management
  4. Survey System
  5. Online Market Research Systems

Following are the list of trainings I’ve provided – from individual, to private companies and government agencies.

Web Development with PHP and MysQL

  • v1:
  • v2:

Web Development with Laravel Framework (Basic)

  • v1:
  • v2:
  • v3:
  • JV with Mikhail Game Tech:

Web Development with Laravel Framework (Intermediate)

  • v1:

Web Development with Laravel Framework (Advanced)

  • v1:

Web Development with Laravel Framework (Custom)

  • c1:

API Development with Laravel

  • v1:

Reporting and Dashboard Development with Laravel

  • v1:

3 Tier Development with Laravel and Ionic Framework

  • v1:

Laravel Package Development

  • v1:

System Development with Ajax and XML

  • Pejabat Setiausaha Kerajaan Pahang:

Bootstrap Studio

  • v1:

Web Development with WordPress

  • v1:

WordPress Plugin Development

  • v1:

Mobile Application Development with Ionic Framework

  • v1: ???
  • v2: (UiTM)
  • v2:

Introduction to TypeScript

  • v1:

Introduction to Angular

  • v1:

Sample API Installation

  • v1:

Version Control With Git

  • v1:
  • v2:
  • v3: