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Laravel Nova: Custom Navigation

Assalamualaikum, Today I’m gonna share how to customise the Laravel Nova sidebar to use Dashboard component as menu. First, you need to create new dashboard – php artisan nova:dashboard nasrul-hazim/dashboard-menu. This will create nova-components/DashboardMenu package. Next, you need to understand that, anything about data, Laravel nova using their own nova-api, which in our case, we… Read More »

Laravel Nova: Control Sidebar Display

Assalamualaikum / Hi, I have come with a requirement, where users can do CRUD operation for Nova resources, but want to control the sidebar display based on user’s permission / role / policy. To enable that, you need to overwrite the availableForNavigation static method, as following. As you can see, what I did basically to… Read More »

Laravel Nova: Favourite Packages

Nova Permission If you are using Spatie Laravel Permission package, and you absolutely need to install package Nova Permission for managing roles and permissions. This package enabled you to manage roles and permissions for your applications. Nova Tabs Nova Tabs, package by Nova Tabs enabled you to organise your view using tab. For me, it’s… Read More »