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Laravel: Minify HTML

Assalamualiakum / Hi, Just a quick blog post this time. As part of optimisation, it’s important to minify your JavaScript & CSS – this can be done with Laravel Mix. But how about HTML? Seen this? So that’s how it’s look like our generated HTML codes. And how we going to change into this? A… Read More »

DomPDF: Production Ready Configuration

DomPDF – Production Ready Configuration PHP  Version: 5.3 and above Settings: allow_url_fopen Extensions: MBString (Installation), GD (Installation), DOM(enabled by default) DomPDF Configuration / Usage Enable Remote – def(“DOMPDF_ENABLE_REMOTE”, true); Read/Write access to the DOMPDF_TEMP_DIR Use Absolute URL Use Full Document Root or Relative (if you’re still unable to view the image) Use JPEG UPDATE (2015-02-17): Security… Read More »

GeoServer – GetFeatureInfo Template Data Model (structure)

Extend from this GeoServer – Custom Get Feature Info Display Knowledge requirement – Freemaker The standard template files is header.tpl, content.tpl, footer.tpl. header.tpl usually where JavaScript, CSS, meta tag, title placed here. footer.tpl where you put your HTML page footer, Copyright, etc. content.tpl where we going to iterate through all the features to display interactive… Read More »