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Laravel: Creating Your Own Helpers

Assalamualaikum / Hi, Helpers in Laravel, help you a lot in day-to-day coding with Laravel. But, what if you want to create your helper? and of course, you want to organise it as well. Usually I have my own helpers – see my helpers in Laravel Boilerplate. But before doing that, you need to add… Read More »

Laravel: Billplz Helper

Billplz is a simple cash solution to send bills and collect payments in real-time. There’s already a package available for PHP. We going to create a wrapper and helper for Laravel application for the Billplz. First, create a config file for Billplz – config/billplz.php Then create a utility class in app/Utilities directory: Lastly, create a… Read More »

Laravel: MoneyPHP Wrapper and Helper

I’ve created a simple MoneyPHP wrapper to simplify my day to day work dealing with MoneyPHP. and a currency configuration – where you can specify the label for display use, and swift_code for MoneyPHP usage: And I’ve create a helper in my app/Support/helpers.php, to simplify the usage of the MoneyPHP Wrapper. A simple usage as… Read More »