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Generate Change Log in CSV Format Using git log

Assalamualaikum / Hi, I have create a bash script to generate change log file using git log command. Just to simplify maintenance on change log document. The usage as following: Above command simply generate the change log file in `storage/changelog/CHANGELOG-v1.0.0.csv”. Hope that help you task in maintaining change log file. THanks, Nasrul Hazim

7 Essential Sublime Text Plugins

Asssalamualaikum, I’ve been using Sublime Text, quiet sometimes for web applications development. Below are the list of packages installed on my Sublime Text: SideBarEnhancements – Add more context menu on right click to file or folders phpfmt – Use for Auto Format to PSR-2 Material Theme – Better UI Emmet – HTML Helpers Git – Git Commands GitGutter – Display changes icon beside… Read More »

Software Development with Git

Number of practices that i’ve been doing from time to time. All theses are the basic user cases based on doing personal project. I will add more about working in team with Git. It’s a bit confusing at the beginning. You just need practices to master the flow of software development with Git.