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Laravel: Write Class Generator Command

Assalamualaikum, In this post, I will share with you how you can create your own class generator – like php artisan make:model …. So here the trick, in order to create your own class generator command, you can extend the use IlluminateConsoleGeneratorCommand. For instance, you want to create make:service. First, create new artisan command by… Read More »

PHP – Overloading (Object, Variable, Execution, Methods)

Overloading in PHP, basically to dynamically create properties and methods I will put some samples on Overloading in Object, Variables, Execution and Methods. There’s few magic method required in Overloading; __set(), __get(), __isset(), __unset(). Overloading in Object Overloading in Variable Overloading in Execution Overloading in Methods There’s differences in Overloading Methods, because we using __call()… Read More »