Nasrul Hazim Bin Mohamad

7z: Zip MySQL Database Dump File via Batch File


First, get 7zip Command Line here.

Next, unzip to your desired directory – mine is in C:\7za920.

Based on my previous post, MySQL: Backup Database using Batch File. Add the following lines after echo Database Backups Completed and before pause.

cd C:\7za920
7za a D:\BACKUPS\myapp_%datestr%.sql >Log.txt 2>&1
echo Zipping Backups Completed

Now you are done! Execute the batch file to see the result!

p/s: >Log.txt 2>&1 used for creating a log file for all the process to zip the file.

Phalcon: First Time Setup (for Windows & WAMP)


Download Phalcon’s .dll file based on your environment – i’m using WampServer 32 bit(check with Task Manager if you don’t know your WampServer running on 32 bit or 64 bit).

Once downloaded, extract the php_phalcon.dll into C:wampbinphpphp[version]ext.

Add extension=php_phalcon.dll in 2 places:

  1. C:wampbinapacheapache[version]binphp.ini
  2. C:wampbinphpphp[version]php.ini

Now, restart your WampServer services and check phpinfo(), see if it’s loaded or not.

p/s: I used Phalcon’s .dll with no NTS, for PHP 5.5, and for 32 bit.