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GeoServer – GetFeatureInfo Template Data Model (structure)

Extend from this GeoServer – Custom Get Feature Info Display Knowledge requirement – Freemaker The standard template files is header.tpl, content.tpl, footer.tpl. header.tpl usually where JavaScript, CSS, meta tag, title placed here. footer.tpl where you put your HTML page footer, Copyright, etc. content.tpl where we going to iterate through all the features to display interactive… Read More »

GeoServer – Custom Get Feature Info Display

GeoServer enabled users to set custom display for feature info. Read this and this for more details. Here i’m just telling where to add the custom display. Please add ‘content.ftl‘ for the following under GEOSERVER_DATA_DIR/workspaces/… Feature type specific template: <workspace>/<datastore>/<featuretype>/content.ftl Store specific template: <workspace>/<datastore>/content.ftl Workspace specific template: <workspace>/content.ftl Global: content.ftl GeoServer classpath and load the default… Read More »