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Informix DB Installation on Centos 7

Assalamualaikum / Hi, Just a quick blog post, how you can install Informix DB in Centos 7. Before start with the installation, you need to download the Informix Developer Edition for Linux x86_64. Once, you are done download it, you can upload the tar file to your server – i’m uploading to /tmp/informix directory. Next,… Read More »

Install PHP MSSQL Driver in MacOSX (Mojave)

Assalamualaikum / Hi, Just a quick post in setting up PHP MSSQL Driver in MacOSX References:

Training: Web Mobile Application Development (Basic / Intermediate) – INTIM – August 2015

Training: Web Mobile Application Development (Basic / Intermediate) Location: INTAN Kampus Wilayah Timur (INTIM), Kemaman, Terengganu Date: 17th – 20th August 2015 Slide: Training Materials: Web Mobile Application Starter Kit – Basic Android Configuration – API Template – Important Articles: HTTP Methods for Restful Services – Android Configuration – Chrome Device Mode –  

Web Services: Slim Framework + Eloquent(Laravel)

Setting up the Restful API is easy with Slim Framework & Eloquent(Laravel). Here are the steps: Install required components via composer – Slim Framework + Eloquent(Laravel) Create a database called web_services and create users table. Setting up Eloquent Setting up Routes Final Touch Install the necessary components using composer – create a composer.json and save… Read More »

Quick Development: Slim Framework + Illuminate(Laravel)

Create a project folder and add a composer.json file in it and paste the following codes, and run composer install. You should have Slim Framework, Twig, Illuminate(Laravel) in the project folder. Add a index.php file in project folder and copy paste the following: Create a folder named models in the project folder and add the… Read More »