OpenAPI: Generate Client SDK

Assalamualaikum / Hi,

As in API Development Lifecycle, and an extension from designing API Specifications, you require to allow API Consumer to consume your api seamlessly.

Having Client SDK allow API Consumer to use your API easily.

In this post, I will share a quickest way of to generate the Client SDK based on given Open API Specification.

Assuming you have the Pet Store Open API Specification.

Based on the specification, you can generate the Client SDK by using OpenAPI Generator.

Install the Open API Generator, then you can simply use the generator as simple as following:

I have push generated Pet Store Client SDK to Petstore Client SDK.

Following are some snapshots on generated SDK.

Hopes this help out API Developers to manage and distribute their API Client SDK.

Do take note, the OpenAPI Generator depends on Open API Specification – either in JSON / Yaml format.

Nasrul Hazim

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