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Informix DB Installation on Centos 7

Assalamualaikum / Hi,

Just a quick blog post, how you can install Informix DB in Centos 7.

Before start with the installation, you need to download the Informix Developer Edition for Linux x86_64.

Once, you are done download it, you can upload the tar file to your server – i’m uploading to /tmp/informix directory.

Next, you want to test the connection to your Informix DB. Since we are not exposing the Informix DB to the internet, we going to need the SSH connection, and via tunnel we connect to the Informix DB.

I’m using DBeaver to connect to the Informix DB.

Fill in the connection details as following:

Informix DB Default Connection
Informix DB Default Connection

Then on SSH tab, fill in the connection details as following:

SSH Connection Details

Then you can test the connection and if it’s all ok, then you should be able to connect to the Informix DB, following are sample databases in informix.

Informix DB

Congratulations! You just installed Informix Database!

Nasrul Hazim

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