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Laravel Nova: Favourite Packages

Nova Permission

If you are using Spatie Laravel Permission package, and you absolutely need to install package Nova Permission for managing roles and permissions.This package enabled you to manage roles and permissions for your applications.

Nova Tabs

Nova Tabs, package by Nova Tabs enabled you to organise your view using tab. For me, it’s help on organising the view to be minimalist – no long scroll to view data.Nova Tabs – less is more.Sample Usage:

use EminiartsTabsTabs;
public function fields()
    return [

        new Tabs('Tabs', [
            'Balance'    => [
                Number::make('Balance', 'balance'),
                Number::make('Total', 'total'),
            'Other Info' => [
                Number::make('Paid To Date', 'paid_to_date'),


Nova Impersonate

If you are working on multiple users with different roles and permissions, Nova Impersonate, package by Nova Impersonate enabled you to impersonate as other user.This reduce time to test each user without having login/logout multiple times, or even having multiple incognito browsers opened.

use KABBOUCHINovaImpersonateImpersonate;
    public function fields(Request $request)
        return [


                ->rules('required', 'max:255'),

                ->rules('required', 'email', 'max:255')

                ->creationRules('required', 'string', 'min:6')
                ->updateRules('nullable', 'string', 'min:6'),


Nova BelongsTo-Depend

Package Nova BelongsTo-Depend enabled you to have a select options that display depends on other select field.Let say you have a list of campus, and choosing one of the campus will display program offered by the campus – then this kind of use case, using this package will help you to do that.


Laravel Nova simplified your development process, less work on frontend – unless you need full customisation on UI like dashboard, then you will need one. But for most of the time, you don’t need extra works on UI.So far, I’m happy working with Laravel Nova and IMHO, Laravel Nova helps a lot in speed up development process.

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