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Recently I’ve attended a local event on launching IT products called JomLaunch. But I’m not gonna go details about it – however you can checkout projects submitted in their website and other projects not presented but worthy to mention – I did submit project (Open Payroll).

To keep long story short, I met Akif Rabbani that day, and having just a short talk. So he mentioned about he already have the access card, IoT based solution if not mistaken. He just need a solution on capturing the data from the access card as attendance.

Back to basic, attendance is about capturing time in – and also time out. It’s common in every organization, companies, schools, events has attendance mechanism.

Taking consideration that the attendance might not only captured manually, or using access card – I have decided to make a Laravel package, for attendance, but not only just for access card – but for anything – from Biometric, Access Code, Web, Mobile Apps, QR Code, etc.

So here the name of Adaptive Attendance come from – able to adapt to any attendance mechanism. Just stick to the point – capture time in and out – additional information can be store as well – using JSON data type.

The package also provide an artisan command for developers to add more attendance drivers – Slack, Telegram, etc. – by running php artisan make:attendance SlackAdapter --driver=slack – see readme for more details.

Lastly – do test it out – Cleanique Coders Attendance

p/s: The package still don’t have any user interface. Will add it soon.

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