Monthly Archives: January 2018

AWS: S3 – Upload File

Assalamualaikum / Hi, Just a simple note on how to upload file(s) to AWS S3. First time working with AWS S3 – it’s not my account, but you get the idea how simple it is. 🙂

Laravel: Create Welcome Email

A quick post on how to setup a welcome email on user registration. Make sure you have a account for testing purpose, or production you may use SparkPost, or GMail SMTP, or any provider should work with proper .env on mail configuration.

Laravel: Billplz Helper

Billplz is a simple cash solution to send bills and collect payments in real-time. There’s already a package available for PHP. We going to create a wrapper and helper for Laravel application for the Billplz. First, create a config file for Billplz – config/billplz.php Then create a utility class in app/Utilities directory: Lastly, create a… Read More »