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Online Banking: Debit Card and Oversea Transaction Activation


Year 2016, some rules has been set for all debit card users in Malaysia. We’re required to enable the Debit Card Online and Oversea Transactions in order to purchase online.

I’ve done this for Maybank and it works. You need to enable Debit Card Online one time, and Oversea Transactions need to renew annually – correct me if i’m wrong.

So, for Maybank Debit Card User, just call 1-300-88-66-88 and ask to open Debit Card Online, together with Oversea Transaction. You will be ask few questions for verification purpose. Below are the questions asked:

  1. You Name (as on your IC)
  2. IC Number
  3. Debit Card Number
  4. Maybank Account Number

Then you just need less than 5 minutes for Maybank to activate both Debit Card Online & Oversea Transaction.

Don’t forget to change your daily Debit Card limit.

Now I’m  ready with licenses for my students(Bootstrap Studio)!

p/s: I think other bank should have similar steps as well.