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Lumen: API Development – Episode I

So, this post is about develop your own API using Lumen, a micro framework, a child of the Laravel (I assumed it that way). This topic will take few parts and this is the Episode 1 of Lumen: API Development.

Following tools required to be install on your machine:

  1. Virtual Box – For those using Avira Anti Virus, you might need to head over this article if you having problem with Virtual Box.
  2. Vagrant – Enable developers to easily share the same environment configurations
  3. Composer – Enable developers to manage packages for system dependencies
  4. Git – Famous version control (please do create a GitHub account)
  5. Sublime Text 3 – best text editor I’ve used so far. 🙂

Here are the basic steps taken for setting up the Lumen(all commands running in Git Bash):

  1. Create Lumen project at directory lumen-api
    composer create-project laravel/lumen lumen-api
  2. Install homestead
    cd lumen-api
    composer require laravel/homestead
  3. Make homestead
    php vendor/bin/homestead make


    php vendor/laravel/homestead/homestead make
  4. Create id_rsa at /C/Users/[yourname]/.ssh
    ssh-keygen -t rsa -C [email protected]

    Location of the id_rsa
    Location of the id_rsa
  5. Open Homestead.yaml and change map folder to working directory (step #1)
    map: "D:/WWW/lumen-api"

    homestead.yaml Configuration
    homestead.yaml Configuration
  6. Update C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts file
  7. install vagrant laravel/homestead (size about 1GB..taking about 45 minutes on 4mbps connection.. T_T)
     vagrant box add laravel/homestead

    Vagrant Add Box Laravel/Homestead
    Vagrant Add Box Laravel/Homestead
  8. Open up Virtual Box & start up the vagrant
     vagrant up
  9. Try to SSH to homestead to check if it’s ok
     ssh [email protected] -p 22

    Try to SSH to Homestead
    Try to SSH to Homestead
  10. Browse to to check if the homestead installed properly


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