Learn New Programming Language

Learn Programming Language
Learn Programming Language

When someone asking about .NET, and it’s difficulty to learn..below are my comments..

start to learn new programming language, usually what i did:

1) Get right tools – usually this one no problem, and i’m using Sublime Text 3, for any codings.

2) Environment – based on your development machine (in this case is Windows), setup what’s the essential to run the .NET, identify first, then install it. Usually it’s a straight forward process

3) Programming Level 1 – Learn the syntax – conditional statement, loop, etc; variables – how to define a variable, variables scope, functions – built-in or user-defined. Some extra part if the programming language has the interaction with files & form, etc.

4) Programming Level 2 – This level you will start to keep your codes as simple as possible and reusable. You will learn how to deal with Object-Oriented programming if any(usually any programming language have the OOP). Keep in mind – Don’t Repeat Yourself in this stage – which means, you don’t need to write the same Uploading codes for photo gallery and user profile photo, just create one class, the pass respective arguments to identify what kind of Upload you’re handling.

5) Programming Level 3 – Now you’re familiar with Level 1 & 2. Should be easy enough to work with framework. Framework provide many features that ready for your system development. Some terms you might need to remember – MVC(model, view, controller), route, class, object. Framework also provide numbers of utilities. For .NET, most of the components are ready if i’m not mistaken.

Above are my comments based on my experience. I’m might be wrong, so feel free to correct me if i’m wrong.
p/s: For PHP, it’s quite easy to learn from Level 1 to Level 3. For .NET, left it quite some forgot already. tongue emoticon

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