Nasrul Hazim Bin Mohamad

Phalcon: Multiple-Module Skeleton



I’ve been learning Phalcon Framework recently and end up built a Multiple-Module Skeleton app – basically to ease development process to manage modules. Looking forward to add in more features. I have it on GitHub.

I have the directory structure as follow:

Phalcon - Multi Modules Structure - NHM - 1.0 - 20150313

Phalcon – Multi Modules Structure – NHM – 1.0 – 20150313

Hope to get some feedbacks.

Jazakumullahu khairan.

4 Responses to Phalcon: Multiple-Module Skeleton

  1. Itu gambar directory structure lukis sendiri atau pakai tool nak generate ?

  2. yED dah ada function automate mcmtu ke?

    • nasrulhazim.m

      maksud automate? yED hanya graphical use..takda nak automate terus jadi folder or structure..for graphical use only.

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