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Development Tools – Personally

I’ve been use the following, to write codes, managing codes, drawing DFD, etc.

  1. Notepad++. I use the following plugins
    1. XML Tools – to linearize / beautify XML 
    2. JsMin – to minify / beautify the javascript
    3. Explorer
  2. FileZilla / WinSCP
  3. WAMP
  4. SQLYog Community
  5. Agent Ransack
  6. Tortoise SVN
  7. Firefox Mozilla
    1. Firebug – Set Net > Disable Browser Cache to true
  8. Putty Connection Manager
  9. Evolus Pencil (Drawing architecture, DRF, etc)
  10. yED

All these tools are the most convenient for me, and it’s fast to load up rather than using some other tools, even more, it’s free. 🙂 


One thought on “Development Tools – Personally

  1. I’m still newbie..but if you don’t mind, my toolbox are
    – WAMP server, which i believe better than XAMPP and lighter from installing separately. A bundle software like WAMP is enough. Btw WAMP has more function to manage such enable/disable php-version, module and extension.

    – I used yED too. Lightweight tool to draw UML, i wish yED has reverse/forward engineering option.

    – FTP tool ? Not installed. Upload speed to slow at my home.. always failure 🙁 That why i just tar.gz all files, upload and extract. much faster with HTTP.

    – mysql tool? i prefer mysql workbench.

    – ssh?.. i use KiTTY, a fork of PuTTY

    – notepad++ are dammed good.But i just use TextFX plugin only. as simple i could. Btw, i like to use sublime and Comodo EDIT.

    – Last to least, adobe Dreamwever.. maybe 6% usable during design dan debugging,

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