Nasrul Hazim Bin Mohamad

Download Files from FTP Server Using Python3


A dead simple script to download files from FTP Server

Development Tools – Personally


I’ve been use the following, to write codes, managing codes, drawing DFD, etc.

  1. Notepad++. I use the following plugins
    1. XML Tools – to linearize / beautify XML 
    2. JsMin – to minify / beautify the javascript
    3. Explorer
  2. FileZilla / WinSCP
  3. WAMP
  4. SQLYog Community
  5. Agent Ransack
  6. Tortoise SVN
  7. Firefox Mozilla
    1. Firebug – Set Net > Disable Browser Cache to true
  8. Putty Connection Manager
  9. Evolus Pencil (Drawing architecture, DRF, etc)
  10. yED

All these tools are the most convenient for me, and it’s fast to load up rather than using some other tools, even more, it’s free. 🙂