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PostGIS Enabled Schema with Different Schema Name ?>

PostGIS Enabled Schema with Different Schema Name

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR PUBLIC SCHEMA ! Steps: Open up pgAdmin III and connect to PostgreSQL. Select desired database and click on schemas Open up SQL Editor Open & execute public_schema.sql Open & execute public_data.sql Open rename_schema.sql and replace `new_schema_name` with the name you want, then execute the query Files can be found here: PostGIS Enabled Schema

Android – Connect to PHP ?>

Android – Connect to PHP

Search keyword: android connect to php Here, I’m going to show the simplest way to connect to the PHP in Android – receiving JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) upon successful. You could make a simple JSON response in a PHP script like the following and deploy it to the server / localhost. I’m creating a new Android project in Eclipse and extending the AsyncTask class in order to connect to PHP, and using HtppGet to make a connection to the server(can be…

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PostGIS – 1.5 to 2.0 ?>

PostGIS – 1.5 to 2.0

Just a note, do run ‘legacy.sql‘ when migrate from PostGIS 1.5 to PostGIS 2.0 because there’s functions being removed from 1.5. so we need it back. Reference:¬†