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4 Essential Laravel Packages for Your Web Application Development ?>

4 Essential Laravel Packages for Your Web Application Development

Assalamualaikum, Recently I’ve been working with developing Laravel packages for my own use and Laravel’s community. It’s quite fun and interesting how you can separate the modules or features from Laravel’s main application and make it as a package, which later on you can reuse it over and over again. Here are some of the packages I’ve created so far. You may want to try it out, and please do make a report if there’s any issues. Artisan Extended –…

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Laravel: Managing Routes ?>

Laravel: Managing Routes

Assalamualaikum, Recently I’ve meet some of my friends, and clients working with Laravel projects. It’s seems that, Route, managing routes is quiet painful when your application become bigger and you have to handle a lots of routes. So, what’s come out of my mind was, how to manage Laravel’s routes more efficient? I’ve come up with few possible options: Define more map methods in RouteServiceProvider, and call them – but this will make the RouteServiceProvider full with map methods, which…

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Website Development – Front-end ?>

Website Development – Front-end

I’ve been working recently on what’s the basic / features used in most websites in 2015. Here is the list: Parallax Carousel Animate Smooth Scrolling Flat UI Design Nice & Clean Icons UI Framework JavaScript Library with their extensions Slider From all of features above can be achieve by using following plugins/extension/library: Carousel – Owl Carousel Parallax – Parallax.js Animate – Animate.css Smooth Scroll – see my post here Fontello – include Font Awesome, Fontellico, etc. Ui Framework – Bootstrap,…

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Y2016 ?>


Year 2016, InsyaAllah, next year to be a year of sharing knowledge of what I’ve learnt so far. Following are the trainings I would like to conduct: 1. Mobile Apps Development with jQuery Mobile 2. Mobile Apps Development with Intel XDK (incoming) 3. API Development with Slim Framework (incoming) 4. PHP Basic / Advanced 5. Web Development with CakePHP 3 (incoming) 6. Web Development with Laravel 5 (incoming) 7. Web Development with Yii Framework 2 (incoming) 8. WordPress for Developers…

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Training: Web Mobile Application Development (Basic / Intermediate) – INTIM – August 2015 ?>

Training: Web Mobile Application Development (Basic / Intermediate) – INTIM – August 2015

Training:¬†Web Mobile Application Development (Basic / Intermediate) Location: INTAN Kampus Wilayah Timur (INTIM), Kemaman, Terengganu Date: 17th – 20th August 2015 Slide:¬† Training Materials: Web Mobile Application Starter Kit –¬† Basic Android Configuration –¬† API Template –¬† Important Articles: HTTP Methods for Restful Services – Android Configuration –¬† Chrome Device Mode –¬†  

Web Services: Slim Framework + Eloquent(Laravel) ?>

Web Services: Slim Framework + Eloquent(Laravel)

Setting up the Restful API is easy with Slim Framework & Eloquent(Laravel). Here are the steps: Install required components via composer – Slim Framework + Eloquent(Laravel) Create a database called web_services and create users table. Setting up Eloquent Setting up Routes Final Touch Install the necessary components using composer – create a composer.json and save it in a working directory and run composer install. We’re creating a simple web services for Users – Simple CRUD. Create a database called web_services…

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Micro-framework: Slim ?>

Micro-framework: Slim

Setting up Slim Application Create a folder for your project, mine called slim create a composer.json in the directory and open up your Command Prompt / Terminal and run composer install. Later you should have something similar to Screenshot #2. Setting up RedBeanPHP4 Download RedbeanPHP4 Create a folder named RedBeanPHP4 in vendor directory and extract download zip file above and copy the rb.php into slim/vendor/RedBeanPHP4 – see Screenshot #2. Include the rb.php in slim/vendor/autoloader.php Then, add MySQL connection settings. Let’s…

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Python: Setting up in Windows 7 ?>

Python: Setting up in Windows 7

Download latest 2.x at Set Environment path: C:Python27;C:Python27Libsite-packages;C:Python27Scripts; Install Setuptools: Download the script Open CMD Go to the script directory Run the script: python Exit once done (Ctrl + Z, then Enter) Test your installation by open up CMD, and type in python. You should see something similar to the screen shot below. Following are optional: Install pip: C:> easy_install pip Install the followng using pip Mechanize: C:> pip install mechanize BeatifulSoup4: C:> pip install beautifulsoup4 CSVKIT:…

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