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Bootstrap: Show and Hide Loading Icon in Modal (option Remote used) ?>

Bootstrap: Show and Hide Loading Icon in Modal (option Remote used)

Problems: Need to load remote content Need to display a loading indicator Need to ensure each time modal display, it’s request new modal body content Following are the solutions, however… I’m looking for solutions using event handler instead of using a timer, .change() in jQuery does not monitor the html value change.

GeoServer – GetFeatureInfo Template Data Model (structure) ?>

GeoServer – GetFeatureInfo Template Data Model (structure)

Extend from this GeoServer – Custom Get Feature Info Display Knowledge requirement – Freemaker The standard template files is header.tpl, content.tpl, footer.tpl. header.tpl usually where JavaScript, CSS, meta tag, title placed here. footer.tpl where you put your HTML page footer, Copyright, etc. content.tpl where we going to iterate through all the features to display interactive UI. But here, I’m going to explain the structure of all available variables. Accessing the variables as following: The result may display as below: This…

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WordPress – Using Bootstrap in Custom Theme ?>

WordPress – Using Bootstrap in Custom Theme

Create a folder name custom_theme containing index.php,header.php,footer.php,functions.php and style.css. Download Bootstrap and extract it into custom_theme folder. Now the structure should be as following: Custom theme should be save in $WORDPRESS_DIRECTORY/wp-content/themes/$THEME_NAME. For header.php, include the following: For index.php, include the following: For footer.php, include the following: For functions.php, include the following: For style.css, include the following: Reference: How to Build a Responsive WordPress Theme with Bootstrap More reading about custom theme & functions can be use, please visit WordPress Functions.

UI – Bootstrap ?>

UI – Bootstrap

An easy way to setup a nice & clean UI, and responsive UI. Bootsrap use HTML5 & CSS3. Please ensure you have the following: Include the following in head Include the following at the bottom – before end of body tag – to make sure the page load fast. Here is the screen shot of my test. 🙂