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Lumen: API Development – Episode II ?>

Lumen: API Development – Episode II

In this episode, we will configure the environment of the API, and setup some fake data. For those not yet read the Episode I, you can read it here. In general, we have these steps: Configure .env Create model Create migration script & do migration Create seed script & do DB Seeding For the first few steps will straightforward before we continue with Eloquent. Rename .env.example to .env Generate 32 random characters and update the APP_KEY – I use textmechanic to generate…

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Lumen: API Development – Episode I ?>

Lumen: API Development – Episode I

So, this post is about develop your own API using Lumen, a micro framework, a child of the Laravel (I assumed it that way). This topic will take few parts and this is the Episode 1 of Lumen: API Development. Following tools required to be install on your machine: Virtual Box – For those using Avira Anti Virus, you might need to head over this article if you having problem with Virtual Box. Vagrant – Enable developers to easily share the…

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Phalcon: Web DevTools ?>

Phalcon: Web DevTools

Enable Phalcon Web DevTools via Phalcon CLI When create new project: phalcon project [project-name] –enable-webtools When we have existing project: phalcon webtools –action=enable Access it on your browser: http://domain/phalcon-app/webtools.php Few things to take note: Make sure your config.php exist in one of the following directory: [project-name]/config [project-name]/app/config [project-name]/apps/frontend/config Create an app/migrations in [project-name]/public folder. p/s: Please ensure to have .phalcon folder in each project, else Phalcon won’t recognize the app is built with Phalcon.