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Month: December 2015

Training: WordPress for Beginners ?>

Training: WordPress for Beginners

Location: Medina Arabic, Seksyen 9, Bangi (Above Melaka Kitchen Restaurant) Date: 10th January 2016 Available Seats: 28 seats Brochure:   Registration closed! InsyAllah before end of January 2016 will be another free training for ‘WordPress For Beginners’! Stay tuned!

WordPress: Using Bootstrap In WordPress Admin ?>

WordPress: Using Bootstrap In WordPress Admin

First of all – you need LESS compiler – for Windows, I use winless – please download & install it. Next, grab the Bootstrap ( I use version 3.3.4, newer version broken when compiling the LESS ). Extract the Bootstrap to a folder and then create a LESS file called bootstrap.less and paste in the following code: Now open up winless, and add folder where your Bootstrap CSS directory, and then on file bootstrap.less output file, you may name it as…

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Lumen: API Development – Episode I ?>

Lumen: API Development – Episode I

So, this post is about develop your own API using Lumen, a micro framework, a child of the Laravel (I assumed it that way). This topic will take few parts and this is the Episode 1 of Lumen: API Development. Following tools required to be install on your machine: Virtual Box – For those using Avira Anti Virus, you might need to head over this article if you having problem with Virtual Box. Vagrant – Enable developers to easily share the…

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Website Development – Front-end ?>

Website Development – Front-end

I’ve been working recently on what’s the basic / features used in most websites in 2015. Here is the list: Parallax Carousel Animate Smooth Scrolling Flat UI Design Nice & Clean Icons UI Framework JavaScript Library with their extensions Slider From all of features above can be achieve by using following plugins/extension/library: Carousel – Owl Carousel Parallax – Parallax.js Animate – Animate.css Smooth Scroll – see my post here Fontello – include Font Awesome, Fontellico, etc. Ui Framework – Bootstrap,…

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Ionic: Installation on Windows ?>

Ionic: Installation on Windows

Install latest JDK Install Apache Ant Install Android Standalone SDK – I’m choosing the latest one(as per today) – installer_r24.4.1.exe Install Android SDK Packages Tools – choose Android SDK Tools, Android SDK Platform-Tools and Android SDK Build-Tools Android x.x – Choose SDK Platform, ARM EARBI v7a System Image Extras – Android Support Repository, Android Support Library, Google Repository, Google Play Services Install Cordova npm install -g cordova Install Ionic npm install -g ionic Create new ionic project ionic start todo blank…

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Y2016 ?>


Year 2016, InsyaAllah, next year to be a year of sharing knowledge of what I’ve learnt so far. Following are the trainings I would like to conduct: 1. Mobile Apps Development with jQuery Mobile 2. Mobile Apps Development with Intel XDK (incoming) 3. API Development with Slim Framework (incoming) 4. PHP Basic / Advanced 5. Web Development with CakePHP 3 (incoming) 6. Web Development with Laravel 5 (incoming) 7. Web Development with Yii Framework 2 (incoming) 8. WordPress for Developers…

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