Monthly Archives: November 2015

WordPress: Requirement for Deployment to Production

WordPress Plugins Duplicator – Create a backup of your WordPress files and database. Duplicate and move an entire site from one location to another in a few steps. Create a full snapshot of your site at any point in time. Better Search and Replace – A small plugin for running a search/replace on your WordPress… Read More »

JavaScript: JSON

JSON, number of references for beginners, shared by one of my student during training in INTIM, Kemaman. A Non-Programmer’s Introduction to JSON JSON Basics: What You Need to Know JSON: What It Is, How It Works, & How to Use It JSON Tutorial

Learn New Programming Language

When someone asking about .NET, and it’s difficulty to learn..below are my comments.. start to learn new programming language, usually what i did: 1) Get right tools – usually this one no problem, and i’m using Sublime Text 3, for any codings. 2) Environment – based on your development machine (in this case is Windows),… Read More »