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Month: April 2015

Quick Development: Slim Framework + Illuminate(Laravel) ?>

Quick Development: Slim Framework + Illuminate(Laravel)

Create a project folder and add a composer.json file in it and paste the following codes, and run composer install. You should have Slim Framework, Twig, Illuminate(Laravel) in the project folder. Add a index.php file in project folder and copy paste the following: Create a folder named models in the project folder and add the following into a file named Article.php: Don’t forget our .htaccess file in a project folder. 🙂 Now you can navigate to your system, for example:…

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Micro-framework: Slim ?>

Micro-framework: Slim

Setting up Slim Application Create a folder for your project, mine called slim create a composer.json in the directory and open up your Command Prompt / Terminal and run composer install. Later you should have something similar to Screenshot #2. Setting up RedBeanPHP4 Download RedbeanPHP4 Create a folder named RedBeanPHP4 in vendor directory and extract download zip file above and copy the rb.php into slim/vendor/RedBeanPHP4 – see Screenshot #2. Include the rb.php in slim/vendor/autoloader.php Then, add MySQL connection settings. Let’s…

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Android: Generate Key Store File ?>

Android: Generate Key Store File

Download JDK here. Open cmd, run as Administrator the go to JDK’s bin folder, run the following command: keytool -genkey -v -keystore YOUR_DESIRED_NAME.keystore -alias APP_ALIAS -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000 Please remember / save a copy of your APP_ALIAS and password.