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Month: April 2014

HTML: Editable Elements ?>

HTML: Editable Elements

I’m using the following: X-editable Bootstrap 2 Cakephp / Any PHP Framework Include the jQuery, Bootstrap 2 in your HTML head The View The JavaScript The Controller References X-editable Angular X-editable –

CakePHP: PHPMailer Component – Using GMail SMTP ?>

CakePHP: PHPMailer Component – Using GMail SMTP

Requirements: CakePHP 2.x PHPMailer Download PHPMailer & extract it to APP/vendors. Add following lines in APP/vendors/phpmailer/class.phpmail.php line 542, in ELSE statement. This to ensure we have a secured domain through SSL / TLS. Create a component called EmailComponent in APP/app/Controller/Component Create a controller, ExampleController.php to test out our EmailComponent When you navigate to http://localhost/APP/Example, the email should send to []. Please do check the mailbox. 🙂 References:

RDBMS Data Limit ?>

RDBMS Data Limit

== Microsoft SQL Server == Max DB Size: 524,272 TB (32 767 files * 16 TB max file size) Max Table Size: 524,272 TB Max Row Size: 8,060 bytes (Unlimited) Max Columns Per Row: 30,000 Max Blob / Clob Size: 2 GB Max Char Size: 2 GB Max Number Size: 126 bits Min Date Value: 0001 Max Date Value: 9999 Max Column Name Size: 128 == MySQL == Max DB Size: Unlimited Max Table Size: MyISAM storage limits: 256 TB; Innodb storage limits: 64 TB Max Row Size:…

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